How to Become a Medium

Losing a loved one is probably one of the worst kinds of heartaches that you can ever go through. When someone you love departs from this world, they leave you with so many unresolved questions, conflicts, thoughts, and feelings. Often times, people have unfinished business with the departed soul, which is no longer possible because they aren’t here anymore.

But, hold that thought.

Did you know that there are ways you connect with the other side, the spiritual world, and communicate with the spirit of the dead?

This is called ‘mediumship’, and in order to be able to do it, you should learn how to be a medium. It’s a supernatural method of connection that allows living human beings to talk to the spirits of the dead from one dimension to another.

The ultimate goal of mediumship is to understand that our deceased loved ones are still around us, and they are a part of our lives.

It is believed that once the connection between the living and the dead is made, the heavens light up beautifully.

How to Become a Medium

We all have some kind of psychic powers, and learning how to become a medium greatly requires one to tap into those abilities and harness them to the best of their abilities.

Increase Your Awareness

Mediumship is all about communicating all the way from the other side, for which you really need to heighten your senses, open your third eye, and just become more aware of your surroundings.

Start paying more attention to your gut and intuition, keep track of all your dreams and write down the details if you have to, and open your mind to the belief that you can communicate with the spirits of your loved ones.

Look for the Signs

Often times, some people are better able to harness their psychic powers and abilities. The key to how to be a medium is all about looking for those abilities and signs in order to know where you stand.

For instance, there’s ‘clairvoyance’, which works the same way as your sense of sight, except that you will be seeing things with your third eye. These can include different entities and spirits in either your dreams, bizarre visions, or even in reality.

It is important to figure out which skills you already potentially have so that you can focus on the other signs that you might have been ignoring previously.

How to Become a Medium

Find a Medium Mentor

If you want to learn how to be a medium for spirits, the ultimate way is to find a medium mentor or a teacher and learn under them. These are experienced mediums who gather together to connect with the spiritual world. Once you see it for yourself, how the whole act of mediumship is done, and the kind of setting that is required for effective communication, you will know how to connect with the spirits of your loved ones.

Study and Research

Researching and studying are two core elements of the journey to becoming a medium without which it won’t be easy to develop and grow your own abilities.

There are numerous books on mediumship that you can read, watch shows and documentaries about mediums operate, reach out to other mediums and talk to them in person about they began their journey.

Try Communicating with the Spirits

The ideal setting for communicating with the spirits is a dark, quiet place where you can light a few candles to create a spiritual setting. Begin praying or meditating and basically open yourself up to any spirits or entities that might be trying to communicate with you.

Whether you are able to connect with them or not, just remember that opening up the space is enough to establish communication for future times.

It can take a while to start receiving information from the other side but know that the spirits of your deceased loved ones are always around, and there may be times when you can actually feel their energies present in the air.

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