How to Astral Project?

Many people often claim to have undergone some kind of out-of-body-experience, but there’s no way to tell if they actually managed decipher how to astral project.

While the majority of these experiences occur when you are sleeping or under a state of hypnosis, some people say that they can easily do it even when they are just relaxing.

Is astral projection that easy? Is it really possible to astral travel in a state of relaxation?

How to Astral Project Easy

As complex or bizarre as astral project sounds, it can actually be learned and mastered with the right kind of training and practice.

Although it can take a while for one to be able to relax their mind and body to enter an altered state, there are many numerous ways through which you can learn how to easily astrally project.

Before you begin, it is important to note that you might have to replicate and repeat these techniques many times in order to master it perfectly and have a full lucid experience.

No take a look at one of the easiest techniques for astral projection that you can try, especially if you are a beginner.

Step 1: Correct Your Position

The first thing you need to do is find a nice, comfortable position for your physical body.

It is commonly suggested to lie down on a flat surface such as a bed, in a dorsal position so that your body faces the ceiling.

Make sure to practice this technique in a room where there is no noise and is perfectly quiet. Any kind of disruption is likely to distract you from focusing.

Step 2: Begin Visualizing

Once you’ve positioned yourself, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply. The idea or the goal here is to achieve a relaxed, calm state so that your mind can fully focus on the next steps.

At this point, begin to visualize and imagine your soul floating ut of your body. This is a very crucial step because you need to be able to imagine your soul separating from your body in order to astral project.

Focus on your astral body or the soul leaving your physical body and try to imagine this other body in great detail. Hold on to this image and try to connect with it.

Step 3: Feel the Vibrations and Disconnect Yourself

You are likely to experience a series of vibrations or unusual kind of sensations that you’ve probably never felt before. This is the ultimate sign or indication that your astral body is about to leave your physical body.

While still holding onto that image, it is now time for you to disconnect yourself from your physical body and allow your soul to float intothe air. The key is to remain calm, patient and to not rush through it. This last and final step must be done very calmly without any pressure.

How to astral project
How To Astral Project

Astral Projection Meditations

In order to achieve a successful astral projection experience, one must know how to meditate and follow the meditation techniques required for astral travel.

Astral projection meditations are very crucial to understand because they help relax your mind, increase your awareness and allow you to enter a sleep-like state while being fully conscious.

The two main astral projection meditation techniques include:

Deep Breathing

Slow and deep breathing is the ultimate way to let go of all your worries and tensions so that you can feel relaxed and calm your mind.

Deep breathing is a core aspect of meditation, without which, it’s almost impossible to focus on your intention in astral project.


Another very vital technique is visualizing, which is like the ‘make or break’ factor in astral projection. It is extremely important to be able to imagine your soul leaving your physical body in order to feel an out-of-body-experience.

Take Your Time

Astral projection isn’t easy for everyone, so if you find yourself struggling in the beginning, don’t give up! Take your time and try to be patient because astral projection requires every bit of calm and patience from you.

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