Thrilling Revelation! How to Access Akashic Records

It is said that the universe, just like human beings, is alive and also has a memory.

The memory is more of a universal library where every single action, event, thought, and feeling of your life is recorded. All this information is stored in a library known as the “Akashic Records”, often referred to as ‘The Book of Life’.

You can think of it as a supercomputer system of the universe that stores everything about your life, from every word and feeling to each of your thoughts and intents.

The Akashic Records also contain information about your life on earth, your mission in life, the people you are destined to cross paths with, and what all you will leave behind in this world in your wake.

How to Access Akashic Records

A seemingly basic question, but one with quite a science behind it, is how to access Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records were once believed to have been hidden in space or a realm of the universe that isn’t accessible to everyone. The assumption mainly stemmed from the fact that the word Akashic comes from Sanskrit which means “space” and how it isn’t an actual book, but more like an energetic blueprint that has all the details about your life.

There were only a few rare spiritual masters that could access the records once upon a time; however, as it turns out, they are now available to anyone, wherever they may be, and at any time they want.

Define Your Intentions

If you really want to learn how to access Akashic Records, you must be able to identify your intentions first. What do you want to do with those Records? It could be your desire to confirm that these records exist or the need to experience the realm in which they are found. Whatever your intentions are, it is best to know and define them properly.

List Down Your Questions

You are likely to have a lot of questions about your past or the present since the Akashic Records contain all the information about you that you can possibly imagine. List down all the specific questions that you have in your mind in order to further clarify your intentions.

The important thing to remember here is that there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ questions; you can ask anything you want, but it’s possible that your questions aren’t always answered.

Enter a Relaxed Meditative State

When accessing your Akashic Records, it is very important that you are particularly aware of your surroundings, and mentally present. Try to relax as much as you can in order to enter a meditative state. Practice deep breathing, close your eyes and maintain your focus.

All Information to Enter

While maintaining that meditative state, focus on your intentions and recite them out loud. Ask for permission to access the records and allow the information to enter your awareness. It is possible for them to come to you in an auditory or visual manner, even in the form of a spirit guide sometimes.

Continue breathing deeply, keep your mind clear, and remain patient after requesting access to Akashic Records.

As the information floats in your consciousness, make sure that all your senses are fully alert; for you might smell, hear, taste, feel or see something.

However, if you feel the presence of another soul, be it a spirit or an angel, seek their help and let them know that you are trying to access the records.

How to Access Akashic Records

How to Read the Akashic Records

Once you successfully manage to access the universal library, the next question that is likely to come to mind is how to read the akashic records.

There’s no science behind Akashic reading, and anyone can learn to read them; however, the degree of information you receive and how much you can read through that is based on an individual’s personal gifts.

There are many people who are particularly detail-oriented, so it’s possible that they receive highly complex information.

Look for the Signs

One way to read the Akashic records is to look for the possible signs and symbols contained within the information given to you. Depending on your intentions and the questions you asked in the beginning, you might receive data in the form of a feeling, a color, an image, a sense of taste, or anything of that sort. Look for these things and try to connect them with your past and present.

Akashic Records Reading

Another way is to go for professional akashic records reading performed by many trained and skilled readers who would do it for you.

The reading session provides these experts with all the information about your life, soul, the past and the present.

They access your records by connecting with the “masters”, who then deliver them the required information.

Beyond the Apparent

There’s so much more to us, our lives and this world than what is really apparent and tangible. Akashic Records are a great tool to unfold all there is, for the world we live in is merely a faint shadow of reality.

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