Dangers of Astral Projection: How to avoid them

Dangers of astral projection… Do they exist? and if they do, what are they? and what can we do to mitigate those potential risks?

Astral projection is quite an intriguing and mind-boggling phenomenon where a person goes through an out-of-body experience as their astral body or the spirit separates from their physical body.

Many people do it to increase and expand their awareness of reality along with their levels of consciousness, and some even use it as an important tool to enhance their spiritual journey.

But is it safe? Are there any astral travel dangers?

Since ancient times, numerous myths have surfaced about astral projection, which led many people to wonder and question: is astral projection safe?

These myths suggest that your body is susceptible to possession while you are projecting, and that your spirit or astral body can get lost on its journey through the astral. However, research has debunked most of these myths.

Despite these delusions, one can’t deny the inherent dangers and risks of astral projection that mainly stem from the psychological impacts.

The Potential Dangers of Astral Projection

Astral travel can create insidious dangers that are not-particularly arcane and are quite obvious and easy to understand in most cases.

You Can Become Obsessed

Numerous stories about the possible perils and risks of astral projection have been told in the past simply to scare people off and to prevent them from developing this ability naturally. It involves a huge risk of becoming obsessed because once you get the hang of creating an out-of-body experience, it is likely that you will want to keep doing it.

Although it isn’t really about the projection process itself, it is more about the lack of balance created from your end. Many people might resort to this as a means of escapism and to create a detachment from the real world.

Extreme Exhaustion

Astral projection involves a lot of mental work and efforts that end up burning your mental and emotional energy. As you close your eyes and hear your loud breathing in a quiet place, you will enter a sleep-like state. While this journey might sound peaceful and rewarding, the fact is that you are fully awake,and that your mind is constantly at work during all this time.

It is possible that you return from your astral journey feeling all exhausted, mentally tired, and physically drained. It can wear you out quite easily, and that feeling of exhaustion tends to be quite upsetting and even depressing for some people.

Is astral projection safe? Dangers of Astral Projection

The Inability to Ground Yourself

Grounding is a popular spiritual term that refers to the act of bringing your soul back into your body and reinstating its connection with Mother Earth. It is often suggested to people that before taking a leap into astral projection, you should learn how to ground yourself properly.

Improper grounding is one of the more serious kinds of astral travel dangers because it can lead to many physical problems like the inability to work your legs the same way as before. The body is constantly trying to bring you back to earth, which is what causes these physical problems.

It can further even lead to other issues like poor social interaction, lack of focus, and reduced concentration levels.

Therefore, it is extremely essential to learn the technique of grounding, and it’s actually the very first thing you should master before learning the entire astral projection technique.

Is Astral Projection Safe?

Considering all the dangers associated with astral projection, it is natural to wonder if it’s safe or not. Although it does come with a few dangers, many people often assess it under a positive light because they say that the physical world is so much scarier than the spiritual world.

The challenging things that happen to and around us every single day make the astral realm appear a safer and more beautiful place.

So, what they mean to say is that astral projection can be extremely gratifying when applied correctly!

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