Am I Psychic?

Oftentimes in life, we experience certain things, situations, feelings, and events that make us wonder, am I psychic?

You tend to have this sense of ‘knowing’, and there are times when you can feel or predict something that will happen in the future.

Has it ever happened that you’ve visited a certain street, area, or lane, and you knew everything about it? Or perhaps you had this feeling that something bad is about to happen to a close friend, and the next thing you know, it actually does happen?

If you have experienced either of these situations or feelings, does that mean you’re psychic?

Signs of Being Psychic

How do you know if you are psychic?

Well, research shows that there are certain psychic signs that people often brush off as bizarre or eerie thoughts, but in actuality, these psychic signs have something beyond that and hold a much deeper meaning.

If you think you are psychic, here are some of the most common signs that can help you understand and process these feelings and thoughts better.

You Dream a Lot

One of the most common signs of being psychic is that you dream a lot, but more importantly, your dreams are insanely vivid and repetitive.

Do you keep seeing the same house in your dreams over and over again? Or do your dreams include scenes of death, illness, birth, or a new life being brought into this world? The most important thing to note here is that you are able to remember the smallest and minutest details of these dreams, which is also one of the biggest signs of being psychic.

Am I psychic? Signs of being psychic

You Keep Experiencing Déjà Vu

This is one thing that has plagued and confused the minds of scientists for years and years; however, the causes of Déjà vu are, in fact, backed up by scientific research and evidence. In simple words, it is this weird sense of familiarity, where you feel like you’ve been in the same exact situation before, only that you haven’t.

But what if you experience Déjà vu a lot, more often than one normally does? Does that mean you are psychic?

Interestingly, the term ‘déjà vu’ comes from the French language, and it means ‘already seen.’ It makes you feel an overwhelming and a strong sense of familiarity in terms of places and situations. So, for instance, you could be having dinner with your friends at a new restaurant, and you start discussing a social issue. It is possible that you feel like you’ve already been to this restaurant before, with the same group of friends and talking about the same issue, even though you haven’t.

Your Senses Have Never Been This Sharp

Do you ever hear things that no one else does, even the most inaudible sounds and noises? Strange crying sounds from a distance or a faint light that you can see from the corner of your eye?

Or are there times when your sixth sense is just screaming at you, trying to alert you about something, and it ends up being right?

For example, imagine being in a public place like a shopping arena where something just doesn’t feel right. Your brain keeps telling you to run from that place, and you have a gut feeling that something bad is about to happen. The next thing you know, you’re witnessing a crime scene.
Some might believe that this is purely a coincidence, however, it is not.

These are psychic signs that make your senses sharper and stronger than ever.

You Can Communicate without Talking

Some people experience a deep and intuitive connection with a certain member in their life. They are able to read that person’s mind and know exactly what they are thinking without asking them anything.

This is referred to as Telepathy, which is often associated with having psychic abilities where a person is able to communicate with others without having to utter a single word.

It could be something as simple as picking up on friend’s thoughts where you end up saying exactly what they’ve been thinking, such as a comment on the weather, for instance. Or the two of you could be in the middle of a weird situation where you know that your friend is feeling really uncomfortable. So, you signal for them to get up and leave, and they nod in great relief.

Has that ever happened with you before?

So ask yourself, Am I Psychic?

The prospect of being psychic might seem out of the ordinary for some people. However, having psychic abilities can be very exciting and beneficial when put to use. You can think of yourself as a ‘real life superhero’ who has an edge on everyday ordinary life events.

If you actually look at it, everyone is psychic in one way or another. The difference is that some people feel it more frequently and strongly than others. It’s natural, and it’s part of who we are.

Therefore, you should never feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with your abilities. If anything, it is a positive aspect to have.

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